Used Mini C-Arms for Sale

Are you looking for a used Mini C-Arm? With 50+ units in our warehouse, you came to the right spot! Our President, Christopher Bacon is the Technical Founder of Orthoscan. He designed the tube head used in the first 5 generations of units (UC, HD, FD, FD-OR & MDI). He has been servicing these units for over 18 years, so with that being said, there is no one more knowledgeable or experienced in this industry than him. We sell used or refurbished Mini C-Arms from all 3 OEM’s: Orthoscan, Hologic and GE OEC.

Mini C-Arm for sale

Orthoscan Hologic OEC
UC Premier Encore 6600
HD InSight 1 6800
FD InSight 2 Elite MiniView
FD-OR InSight FD  
FD Pulse    

In addition, when you purchase a Mini C-Arm from us you’re covered from the beginning to end of your purchasing process. can provide crating, shipping, installation,  in-services, warranties, and then PM’s for the life of the machine. We offer extended warranties on the unit for the life of the equipment and provide yearly PM’s (product maintenance) that are mandated by your state. also provides our customers with sterile drapes. If you would like a quote for sterile drapes please contact us today for a sample and pricing.

We are proud to be your one stop shop for all your Mini C-Arm needs. If you’re interested in a new, used or refurbished Mini C-Arm please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. Here, we want our customers to be informed during the whole decision making process.

Are you looking for a Large C-Arm? Check out what we have to offer at Large!

Let us know how we can help with your next imaging project! You can Request a Quote Here! Our reach us at: (800) 643-2998 or email at:

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  1. Mary

    Can you send me a quote for a Hologic InSight 2 with delivery to Great Britain?

  2. D M H Youssef

    why there is no price
    this is a machine why we have to wait for a quote

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