Orthoscan 101: Background Information on This Global Leader in C-Arms

Orthoscan is considered the global leader in mini c-arms. They specifically designed their machines for use in extremity imaging of orthopedic procedures in hand surgeries,  podiatry clinics, emergency medicine, and outpatient surgery centers.

Medical professionals around the world widely recognize Orthoscan systems for their high-resolution imaging, compact size, and ease of use. Medical facilities can use them to diagnose and treat fractures, dislocations, or sprains. Doctors can also use them in orthopedic surgeries, extremity surgeries, and pain management procedures. This equipment guides the procedure and monitor the progress.

Orthoscan Company Profile

Orthoscan is an American, privately held company that manufactures industry-leading products for surgical and clinical environments worldwide. It was founded in 2002 in Scottsdale, Arizona, by Christopher Bacon. He planned to bring a state-of-the-art mini c‑arm to the market  and provide innovative product solutions in orthopedic imaging.

Their first entry in the imaging market was the Orthoscan UC Mini C-arm, an ultra-compact Mini c-arm and the smallest c-arm on the market. UC Mini C‑Arm is used for fluoroscopic imaging of the extremities in orthopedic surgery and for digital diagnostic imaging in the office. The company revolutionized the Mini C‑Arm business with its surgeon-driven concept, the first flat detector on the market, and a commitment to achieve dose reduction, excellent mechanical design, and high image quality.

In 2011, ATON GmBh acquired Orthoscan. The company released the Mobile DI, the first portable 35lb c-arm, designed for clinical use. After a successful expansion, Orthoscan released the FD-OR and the FD-Pulse.

Orthoscan Systems and Technology

The Orthoscan mini C-arm is a non-invasive medical system that uses x-rays and fluoroscopic imaging to produce digital radiographic images of the body’s anatomic structure. Other well-known Orthoscan products include the Orthoscan FD Pulse Mini c-arm, the Orthoscan FD-OR, the Ziehm Solo, and the Mobile DI. Their latest version, the TAU, Orthoscan TAU Mini C-arm.

What sets apart Orthoscan systems is their advanced technological features, which include:

  • High-resolution imaging: Orthoscan systems come equipped with flat-panel detectors (FDs) that capture high-resolution images of bones & joints. As a result, Orthoscan equipment offers diagnostic accuracy and is ideal for use during pediatric procedures or for following the patient’s condition.
  • Advanced imaging software: Orthoscan systems are equipped with advanced imaging software that allows for real-time image processing.
  • Portability: Orthoscan systems are compact and lightweight. They are designed to be portable and easy to move between rooms or even different clinics.
  • Orbital movement: The semicircular design of the Orthoscan c-arm makes it convenient for medical professionals, as they can rotate the X-ray tube without moving the patient. The 150 degrees of the c-arm’s orbital movement allows accurate and convenient positioning, while the ergonomically placed wireless foot switch and sterile field controls help surgeons work efficiently.
  • Usability: Orthoscan’s c-arms are easy to use and require minimal setup. Some feature a touchscreen that comes with on-screen assistance and anatomically programmed selections for ease of use by physicians. The machine’s tube head features bilateral controls that offer convenient access to documentation and imaging functions. The LED lights on the underside provide excellent illumination and help remove any shadows.
  • DICOM compatibility: Orthoscan systems are compatible with the DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) standard, which allows for easy integration with other medical equipment and systems. This also allows for the easy storage, retrieval, and sharing of patient images.

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