Mini C-Arm Costs & Pricing Guide – 2020

Mini C-Arm Costs & Pricing Guide – 2020

Today we will go over the current pricing on a refurbished Mini C-Arm with a one year warranty. When we talk to people about purchasing a Mini C-Arm the question of cost is generally one of the first to arise.

To help answer that question, see the chart below for a breakdown of 2020 pricing information for all Mini C-arm models from, including: will guide you through the myriad of options from price, manufacturer, model, age, Image Intensifier or Flat Detector, and warranty. We will be there after the sale to assist in preventative maintenance schedules and radiation safety. We offer all equipment with a one year warranty with the option to purchase an extended warranty for the life of the equipment. offers financing for all individuals. If you’re interested in financing your unit, please visit Mini C-Arm Financing.

If you’re interested in a used Mini C-Arm please call us at: (800) 643-2998 or Request a Quote.

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