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We sell, repair and rent Mini C-Arms. We are your one stop shop for all your Orthoscan, OEC, and Hologic Mini C-Arm needs. is a leading supplier of fluoroscopy medical equipment for healthcare providers. We offer excellent products and outstanding service that save you time and money with no unnecessary vendor hassles – all at a competitive price point.

New York-based is was founded by Christopher Bacon, who is also the founder of Orthoscan. Orthoscan is one of the major mini c-arm manufacturers. Our team is filled with deep knowledge in specialty medical equipment. Provides

Industry Experience
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Service That Exceeds Expectations

24/7 Service Line + 48 Hour On Site Service Calls

Our work does not end with the sale of a Mini C-Arm. We offer 24/7 Mini C-Arm service through our dedicated service line. We resolve customers issues 85% of the time over the phone or video, thanks to our deep technical experience.

Our blend of technology and expert personnel allow us to provide same-day to 48-hour on-site service throughout the United States.

We provide monthly, yearly, and multi-year service plans to work within your budget and protection requirements. Please contact us if you’re interested in a service plan.

Compare the Mini C-Arm to the Full Size C-Arm

Size & WeightMobilityPrice RangePower LevelUsageRadiation Technician RequiredRadiation Exposure
Mini C-Arm30-400 lbsMove it from room to room$15-65kUp to 78 kVExtremitiesNONo lead line rooms
Large C-Arm1000+ lbsUsually stays in said room$60-250kUp to 120 kVSpines / TorsoYESLead line room needed
ProductMini C-ArmLarge C-Arm
Size & Weight30-400 lbs1000+ lbs
MobilityMove it from room to roomUsually stays in said room
Price Range$15-65k$60-250k
Power LevelUp to 78 kVUp to 120 kV
UsageExtremitiesSpines / Torso
Radiation Technician RequiredNOYES
Radiation ExposureNo lead line roomsLead line room needed

Client Success

I have a small, one-doctor practice heavily relying on our Orthoscan mini-fluoroscan. We see 40 patients a day. The unit we have stopped working a couple of months out of the warranty. When we called Orthoscan, they said it would be a $12,000 fix due to needing a new video card. After doing some internet research, I found I spoke with them briefly, and was reassured that the cost would be nowhere near $12,000. They sent a technician within a couple of days, and the unit was fixed at a fraction of the cost. I am very happy and I recommend without hesitation.
Physician, Virginia
Surgery Center
We were in the process of doing injections in our office and needed a Mini C-Arm. We looked at many companies that are not only offering a good price point but also care for the client and be available when needed. I can truly say Chris and Josh fitted that role perfectly. They truly care for their business and made sure we are comfortable during the whole process. Chris even connected us with some clients who were doing similar business so we can bounce off ideas with them. They were attentive through the process and responded quickly for any documentation requirements for credentialing our Mini C-Arm. I would recommend them 100%.
Chris, Maryland
Private Office

A Wide Variety of Mini-C Arms and Equipment

We have a broad selection of Mini C-Arms that can be delivered on-site. You will find Hologic, OEC, and Orthoscan Mini C-Arms to help your medical offices run more efficiently.

Hospitals, doctors’ offices and private practices, surgical centers, and even sports facilities need to have a Mini C-Arm to be efficient, accurate, and productive. We will find the right Mini C-Arm for your organization’s unique needs.

If you already own a Mini C-Arm but need parts, we have thousands of parts in stock to ship— with same-day shipping. This means you won’t delay patient appointments and your office will avoid costly downtime.

Purchasing A Mini C-Arm

Those looking for a permanent addition to their office or clinic but don’t have the budget for a new unit will look to a refurbished unit.

New doesn’t always mean better. Refurbished machines from are a great purchase for when someone needs a more cost-effective option. Refurbished units come with brand new internals, new paint and a one year warranty. 

Renting a Mini C-Arm

If renting makes more financial or practical sense for your practice, we rent Mini C-Arms on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.

Whether you are running a training/educational course, you need to test a Mini C-Arm to see if it is a good investment for you, or your current Mini C-Arm is down for repair, we have units ready to be shipped out ASAP to make sure you’re covered. We offer overnight shipping on rental units and rent both new and refurbished units.

Financing A Mini C-Arm works with banks, finance companies, and other funding sources that can unlock a purchase a doctor, group, or hospital might not otherwise be able to make.

If you are relying on financing and taking out a loan for your new x-ray equipment, we routinely work directly with banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions to get you into the machine that suits you and your needs best.

Mini C-Arm FAQs

Mini C-Arms are excellent tools for the dynamic imaging of upper and lower extremities. Surgeons, doctors, and orthopedic surgeons can improve their treatment plans thanks to Mini C-Arm imaging.

Mini C-Arms can help practitioners accurately identify fractures or breaks. They are great tools for intra-articular injections, knee injections for osteoarthritis, bunion surgeries, open-reduction fracture setting, foot and ankle surgery, as well as orthopedic surgeries on hands, wrists, elbows, and arms.

Doctors, clinics, labs, sports facilities, surgical centers, hospitals, and even schools and plastic surgeons can improve their diagnoses and surgeries with an in-house Mini C-Arm.

Mini C-Arms are flexible, portable, and compact to adjust to any surgery needs. Most doctors’ offices, surgical centers, labs, and clinics can fit them in without a problem.

Mini C-Arms are simple to use and cost-effective. They make screening time quicker and more precise. Thanks to real-time access along with their ease of use allows many types of applications in sports and medicine. You’ll find mini c-arm machines in and around:

  • Athletic teams
  • Hospitals
  • Physician clinics and group practices
  • Insurance companies
  • Medical Consultants
  • Surgical centers
  • Pain management centers and clinics
  • Medical device manufacturers

A fully refurbished Mini C-Arm can cost anywhere from around $15,000 up to around $65,000 for a newer model. A new from factory c-arm from Hologic, OEC, and Orthoscan can start above $70,000. At, our prices are model dependent, so get in touch with us today to learn more about pricing for any individual unit.

Mobile fluoroscopy helps doctors examine both in-patients and out-patients thanks to extremity imaging. Even if your office does not perform surgeries but specializes in extremity diagnoses, if you are out sourcing your x-rays, you are not only reducing your practices productivity; you’re losing money. 

Mini C-Arms offer digital imaging technology that outputs x-ray and fluoroscopy. These dynamic, digital images can be transmitted to other doctors and labs remotely. This facilitates the work between remote labs and brings immediate results without costly back-and-forth communication.

Yes, one mini c-arm along with our PACS system can reduce screening time and increase the productivity of your practice along with protecting your facility by keeping it HIPPA compliant. Medical professionals can view more patients and increase income while delivering excellent and safe results.

Mini C-Arms are compact, flexible, and user-friendly fluoroscopes. C-Arms have been around since the 1960s but their modern successors are more precise, less bulky, and deliver far less radiation than their predecessors.

Mini C-Arms are based on X-ray technology and creates fluoroscopy with dynamic images. Instead of seeing a static image, the surgeon sees moving images of a knee or arm. This makes fluoroscopes such as Mini C-Arms an excellent tool for guiding doctors during surgery because of their accuracy and real-time imaging. They are also extremely helpful for medical evaluation and diagnosis.

If you are looking for efficient and time-saving consultations, introduce a Mini C-Arm to your surgical center or doctor’s office.

Both doctors and surgeons find Mini C-Arms very popular and convenient for routine, everyday use. Many of them comment that they cannot think of functioning within their practice without these machines.

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