Hologic Fluoroscan Insight Mini C-Arm

Hologic Fluoroscan Insight Mini C-Arm

Hologic Fluoroscan Mini C-Arms For Sale

At a Glance

  • Hologic Fluoroscan Mini C-Arms: Hologic offers top-tier fluoroscopy imaging quality with four distinct mini c-arm varieties, ensuring distortion-free images for extremity requirements.
  • Comprehensive Services: Minicarm.com provides detailed field service reports, overnight parts delivery, prompt servicing and repairs, thorough inspections, hands-on training, and flexible financing options.
  • Hologic’s Leadership in Medical Imaging: Hologic specializes in osteoporosis assessment, mammography, and breast biopsy. Their imaging systems prioritize convenience, superior image quality, and patient safety.
  • Product Selection and Approach: Minicarm.com offers refurbished units of Orthoscan, OEC, and Hologic mini c-arms, with benefits like cost savings and quality assurance. They also provide rental units, 24/7 technical support, and prioritize exceptional customer service.

Hologic’s range of medical equipment continues to set the standard for fluoroscopy imaging quality. For orthopedic surgeons, an intuitive, easy-to-use system with excellent image quality is essential, and that’s what the Hologic range delivers. Their imaging systems range processes superb image quality thanks to their top-notch processing algorithms. These images are distortion-free for extremity requirements.

Hologic mini c-arms are available in four distinct varieties, including Fluoroscan Premier Encore mini c-arm, Insight 1 mini c-arm, Insight 2 mini c-arm, and Insight FD mini c-arm.

For anything mini c-arm related, Minicarm.com is the place to go. Medical Imaging experts turn to us for assistance in acquiring, selling, repairing, and maintaining their equipment.

Our Extensive Selection of Products

Hologic Fluoroscan InSight FD Mini C-Arm

Hologic Insight FD Mini C-Arm

The Fluoroscan InSight FD mini c-arm system provides superior positioning, improved imaging, and simple handling to satisfy the expectations of today's physicians. The Insight FD now includes a High-Resolution mode for the users, extending Hologic's history of imaging innovation. The system also provides manual worklist entry, a rotating flat detector, touch screen, and auto-save options to make it easier to use.

Hologic Fluoroscan Hologic insight 2

Hologic Insight 2 Mini C-Arm

The Fluoroscan InSight 2 system offers ultra-fine, low-dose fluoroscopy and rapid snapshot pictures with a conventional 6″–4″ image intensifier. The system's completely automated and configurable acquisition makes it a straightforward "point-and-shoot" tool, ideal for increasing efficiency.

Hologic fluoroscan InSight 1 mini C Arm

Hologic Insight 1 Mini C-Arm

The Hologic InSight 1 comes equipped with a Dual 6"/4" Image Intensifier, a capacitive touch display, a last image hold, DICOM, and a thermal printer. It's completely digital and runs the Windows XP operating system. The Hologic Fluoroscan InSight 1 was released in 2006. There were just a few of these built before the release of the Hologic InSight 2.

Hologic Fluoroscan Premier Encore Mini C-Arm

Premier Encore's system, offers unprecedented image quality for its time, economy, ease of use, and safety for mini c-arm fluoroscopy while expanding the radiology department's administrative capabilities.

Comprehensive Mini C-Arm Services

Field Service Reports

Every customer receives an FSR detailing the work done and the parts used whenever a project is complete. We can better serve our clients' thanks to our software and hardware investments.

Overnight Delivery of Parts

We have an extensive inventory of mini c-arm parts in stock and offer same-day shipping for convenience.

Servicing and Repairs

Along with our video assistance and support for all troubleshooting and repairs, we provide honest repair quotes and same-day to 48-hour on-site service. There's no other company that comes close.

Inspections and Preventative Maintenance

We've got you covered if you require an honest second opinion on your repairs. Save yourself the headache and have a certified specialist thoroughly inspect your mini c-arm before making a decision. With our state-of-the-art testing equipment, you can be confident that your equipment has been calibrated right and meets or exceeds all specifications.

In-Service and Training

We ensure that medical professionals using our mini c-arms can provide high-quality care to their patients through training either in person or via video call.

Financing Options

We have flexible financing plans and options based on the specific needs and circumstances of your hospital or other medical facilities.

Doctor standing by Hologic inSight 2 Fuoroscan in her office | Minicarm.com

Why Hologic Fluoroscan is a Leader in Medical Imaging

Hologic develops, manufactures, and supplies medical imaging systems that serve women’s healthcare needs. The company also develops state-of-the-art digital imaging technology for mammography and general radiography.

With its direct-to-digital x-ray technology and mini c-arm imaging for orthopedic applications, Hologic is a specialist in osteoporosis assessment, mammography, and breast biopsy. The company is a leading US breast cancer and osteoporosis detection technology provider.

To address the challenges of medical imaging, Hologic applies highly sophisticated technology. Their innovations allow illnesses and other health conditions to be detected, diagnosed, and treated with exceptional clinical results.

Their imaging systems are designed for convenience and user-friendliness. In addition to their superior image quality and time-saving capabilities, these mini c-arm systems are the perfect solution for medical professionals who need one system to do all their imaging needs.

Their outstanding maneuverability, ultra-fine fluoroscopy images, and automatic adjustments provide every patient with the best possible image. Hologic strives to minimize doubt and increase customer and patient confidence in medical decisions and diagnoses.

Our Hologic imaging systems at Minicarm.com are intended to provide exceptional clinical results so that illnesses and other conditions can be detected, diagnosed, and treated on time.

Process and Approach

We repair, service, rent, and sell refurbished units of Orthoscan, OEC, and Hologic mini c-arm. The cost advantages of a refurbished mini c-arm are especially important compared to a new one.

Choosing to buy refurbished is like acquiring a new machine since we employ our expertise to replace worn-out parts. We can offer the finest refurbished mini c-arms in the industry. We replace and upgrade everything from power supplies to flex arms.

You can also get a rental unit from Minicarm.com. It gives you the freedom to try several of them, saves you capital for running the business, and is a tax right off. Most units are available to ship the next business day with our extensive inventory of over 50 units.

Our dedicated service line is available 24/7. Our technicians can resolve problems over the phone or video 85% of the time, saving you money and downtime. Having years of experience in the field allows us to do this.

We believe that customer service is the cornerstone of any company, which is why our OEM-certified Field Service Engineers and technical support staff provide our clients with the highest service level. Combining all these features and Minicarm.com’s makes us the most competitive company in the industry.

We serve customers worldwide, primarily in medicine, research, and business. They include:

Frequently Asked Questions

Essentially, fluoroscans machines are real-time x-rays, allowing patients to view their x-rays as they happen. Fluoroscopy is an imaging technology that employs low-dose X-rays to generate moving images of a patient’s to aid in various treatment operations.

C-arms are fluoroscopy machines. Fluoroscopy a medical procedure that makes a real-time video of the movements inside a part of the body by passing x-rays through the body over a period of time

Orthopedic, hand, joint injections & foot surgeries often use mini c-arm machines. These imaging devices are also necessary for complicated emergency surgeries used in the OR and ER.

When choosing a c-arm, there are several factors to consider, including its intended use, features and capabilities, and the budget for the purchase. It may be helpful to consult with us, your medical equipment specialist who can guide the best c-arm for your specific needs.

The price of used mini c-arms can vary widely. The manufacturer, age, and features will all play a role. It is possible to buy a refurbished mini c-arm with a one-year warranty for anywhere from $15,000 to $65,000.

The Mini C-Arm Difference

Based in New York, Minicarm.com is a privately held company that sells medical devices nationwide. For all your mini c-arm repairs, sales, and rental needs, look no further than Minicarm.com.

Our services include purchasing/selling/leasing equipment, renting, servicing, selling parts, sterile drapes, refurbishing/remanufacturing, warrantying, and performing preventative maintenance on all mini c-arm.

We can provide same-day to 48-hour service on-site with our combination of technology and trained field service engineers. With Minicarm.com, mini c-arm owners worldwide have an all-in-one answer for their needs and can be assured of receiving the highest level of customer service.

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