OEC Mini C-Arm Category

OEC Mini C-Arm Category

OEC Mini C-Arm for Sale

With an OEC mini c-arm, practitioners, surgeons, podiatrists, and sports facilities can deliver immediate imaging to visualize extremities such as arms, hands, fingers, legs, and feet in the finest detail. These devices also remain reliable over time and are made to withstanding the rigors of regular use.

The OEC mini c-arms range includes the OEC 6600, OEC 6800, and the OEC Elite Miniview.

Our experienced technicians here at Minicarm.com can provide physicians, practitioners, and clinics with refurbished or used OEC mini c-arms. You can choose to buy, rent, or lease our OEC Minicarm.com range of products, depending on how your business is evolving and your current and future needs.

Our Extensive Selection of Products

OEC Elite Miniview

The OEC Elite Miniview mini c-arm allows doctors, urgent care clinics, and sports facilities to conduct optimal examination and diagnosis. This mini c-arm displays high-definition imaging on an intuitive touchscreen, thus maximizing your practice’s efficiency.

OEC 6800

The OEC 6800 mini c-arm delivers more precise imaging than its predecessor while retaining its manageable footprint. Surgeons, practitioners, and veterinarians use the OEC 6800 to make informed and accurate diagnoses for examination and surgery purposes.

OEC 6600

The OEC 6600 mini c-arm is a robust yet flexible and compact imaging tool to assist surgeons and practitioners during surgery. The cost-effective OEC 6600 mini c-arm can enhance visualizing expertise and heighten your practice productivity.

A Full Range of Services

Minicarm.com offers a full range of services with regard to its OEC mini c-arms series.

Overnight Parts Delivery

We carry parts for your OEC mini c-arms and can ship them overnight to your location. This way, we minimize off-time for your practice and ensure you can see patients and deliver diagnoses without delays.

Repairs and On-Site and Off-Site Maintenance

Our expert OEM-trained technicians service and repair all OEC mini c-arms to help you with your schedule. We also run on-site and off-site maintenance so that your mini c-arm delivers superb imaging for your patients.

Servicing and Repairs

Along with our video assistance and support for all troubleshooting and repairs, we provide honest repair quotes and same-day to 48-hour on-site service. Very few companies can say the same.


Mini c-arms are easy to use and flexible. Our team will guide you step-by-step through all the features of your OEC machine so that you can make the most of its advanced imaging, viewing, and archiving capabilities.

Why GE OEC Is a Leader in Mini C-Arms

GE OEC is an American brand with a worldwide reach. The company has established itself as the leader in imaging tools in the US and abroad. With its high-quality medical imaging equipment that produces clear, accurate images, GE is known for its reliability.

Different healthcare facilities require different types of c-arms, whether it is portable systems for smaller clinics or advanced systems for larger hospitals and healthcare facilities. GE OEC offers a wide range of c-arm systems to meet their needs.

The company devotes more than $1billion annually to R&D and sits at the forefront of precision health. GE OEC delivers industry expertise and intelligent devices to help doctors, practitioners, surgeons, and clinics dispense better medical services.

GE’s highly successful mini c-arm series has generated much interest through the years because of its durability and efficiency. With its mini-c-arm systems, they have continually introduced new technologies and features in medical imaging.

The GE OEC mini c-arms has advanced features such as digital image processors and high-resolution image intensifiers, allowing for clear, detailed imaging.

Due to the popularity of the OEC mini c-arms, plenty of parts and components in perfect condition are still available. Used and refurbished OEC machines are highly sought after, as they have a well-deserved reputation for dependability.

Our repairs and maintenance departments at Minicarm.com can ensure your OEC mini c-arm will be efficient and function well for years. With the right expertise from Minicarm.com, your OEC mini c-arm will bring forward your practice and increase your patient viewing output at the lowest possible cost.

Process and Approach

Clinics, extremities surgeries, veterinarians, sports facilities, and hospital emergency rooms require accurate and detailed imaging. An OEC mini c-arm can assist with thorough diagnoses and dispense immediate results before and during surgery.

This will improve your practice’s productivity and help it be more efficient. Your surgeries will be conducted faster, thus freeing you to see more patients. More importantly, you will deliver upgraded medical services.

Even the smallest practice can boost its medical services with a mini c-arm from OEC because of its compact footprint. In many cases, practices witness right away an increase in capacity that translates into higher income. You can buy, rent, or lease an OEC mini c-arms from Minicarm.com.

If you want to see how your surgery’s efficiency can improve with such a powerful imaging tool, we suggest you rent from Minicarm.com. Once you have seen the benefits firsthand, we can find a contract matching your needs and budget.

We offer overnight shipping for all our rental machines. This means you can have your new imaging tool within hours of signing a contract with us. We also take care of repairs, maintenance, and servicing to give you peace of mind and superior service.

Frequently Asked Questions

OEC has stopped producing new mini c-arm machines in 2006, so most OEC mini c-arms are used or refurbished. They just started marking new units again with the introduction of the OEC Elite Miniview. Our expert OEM-trained technicians have detailed knowledge of the parts and mechanics involved in mini c-arms. They have studied OEC machines for years and have refurbished them to the best industry standards.

Our technical team has inspected our used OEC mini c-arms, and we know they are in perfect condition, ready to improve your practice and your surgeries.

Anyone who needs clear imaging of extremities needs a mini c-arm. This includes surgeons, veterinarians, clinics, hospital emergency rooms, operating rooms, podiatrists, orthopedic doctors, and sports facilities.

Any medical department that tackles problems with shoulders, arms, elbows, wrists, hands, fingers, knees, ankles, feet, and toes must have a mini c-arm for better visualization and improved diagnoses.

OEC mini c-arms are highly portable and easily transportable. These machines offer fluoroscopy, angiography, and they produce high-quality images quickly. Furthermore, they are relatively easy to maintain and operate.

OEC mini c-arms are used in several specialty areas, including orthopedics, pain management, vascular surgery, emergency care, and various other specialist operations. These imaging systems are used to detect injuries and diseases affecting the musculoskeletal system, vascular system, and other body parts and help treat them.

The OEC mini c-arm produces images comparable to those of larger, more expensive c-arm systems. OEC mini c-arms have a high-resolution image intensifier and a digital image processor to produce clear and detailed images.

To produce high-quality images, the OEC mini c-arm requires regular maintenance. OEC c-arms are typically cleaned and sterilized regularly and inspected and repaired periodically. For the OEC mini c-arm to function correctly, it’s essential to follow the manufacturer’s maintenance recommendations.

Why Us?

Minicarm.com is an industry leader. Mini c-arm owners can expect our top-notch customer service and a one-stop solution for their needs at Minicarm.com. Our founder has extensive know how of the mini c-arm industry and has assembled an expert team of technicians and specialists. In addition:

  • We offer a 24-to-48-hour on-site service.
  • We can ship your OEC mini c-arm overnight so that you have it almost immediately upon ordering.
  • Our team of specialists is available 24/7 for phone support should you have any queries about your OEC mini c-arm or require troubleshooting.
  • We have a large stock of OEC parts. If your OEC requires repair, we can have your imaging tool up and running in no time.
  • We offer lifetime warranties.
  • Through our global presence, we can distribute our products anywhere in the world.

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We sell and service mini c-arms worldwide. We have units across the United States to have a team by your side in the shortest time while keeping shipping costs down.

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