Mini C-Arm Service

Mini C-Arm Service

Mini C-Arm Service, Repairs & Preventative Maintenance.

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We sell and service Mini C-Arms worldwide!

Field Service Reports

We have invested heavily in both software and hardware to better serve our customers. Every customer receives an FSR upon completion of the job stating what was performed and what parts were used.

Preventative Maintenance

With our state of the art testing equipment you’ll have piece of mind that your equipment has been calibrated correctly and meets or exceeds the all OEM specifications. 

Overnight Parts Delivery

Thousands of Mini C-Arm parts in stock and ready to ship the same day.


Save yourself the headache and have a certified expert thoroughly inspect your Mini C-Arm before purchasing and if you need an honest 2nd opinion on your repairs, we have your back.

In-Service & Training

We provide In-Service & Training either at your site or via video call for your staff on all Mini C-Arms sold.


No other company has the integral knowledge to refurbish Mini C-Arms like we do. Do not settle for 2nd best, it will cost you in the long run. Reach out today to ask about our refurbishment process!

Warranties & Service contracts

Warranties available for the lifetime of your equipment.


Flexible financing plans and options suitable for any business new or old, good or not so good credit, we make it easy!


With our honest repair quotes and same day to 48-hour on-site service, along with our video assistance and support available for all troubleshooting and repairs, no other service can compare.

Our Service

At, we take pride in offering comprehensive repair, servicing, and warranty options for Orthoscan, OEC, and Hologic Mini C-Arms. We understand that maximizing up-time is crucial for our customers, as their patients rely on efficient and reliable equipment. That’s why we provide 24/7 service through our dedicated service line, ensuring prompt assistance whenever you need it.

Our experienced team excels at troubleshooting and problem-solving over the phone or video, resolving customer issues in an impressive 85% of cases. This not only saves valuable downtime but also helps you save money. We have accumulated years of field service expertise, enabling us to deliver efficient and effective solutions.

To further meet your budget and protection requirements, we offer flexible monthly, yearly, and multi-year service plans. Our goal is to work closely with you to tailor a plan that suits your specific needs. If you’re interested in a service plan, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

With our OEM certified Field Service Engineers and dedicated technical support staff, we prioritize providing exceptional customer care. We understand that superior customer service is the cornerstone of any successful company. Moreover, our in-house stock of parts ensures swift and efficient repairs, enhancing our ability to deliver unbeatable value that surpasses our competitors.

Highlights of Our Mini C-Arm Repair Services:

  • Same Day Response
  • 48 Hour On-Site Response (most locations)
  • Travel & Labor 7-5 P.M. -Monday to Friday
  • Weekend Service Available
  • 24/7 Hour Telephone Support

We are committed to maintaining the optimal functionality of your Mini C-Arm, and our dedicated team is ready to provide you with exceptional service and support.

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