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Large C-Arms

Large C-Arms For Sale

Large c-arm machines give medical institutions a broader field of vision and better-resolution images, allowing them to diagnose disease or injury accurately. Given the higher intensity, adaptability, and higher x-ray output, a large c-arm unit is more expensive than its mini-sized counterpart.

Because they provide detailed imaging, large c-arms offer several advantages for practitioners, including sophisticated features like digital subtraction angiography (DSA) and three-dimensional (3D) reconstruction abilities.

Since large c-arms do not confine patients like some mini c-arms, they provide a more comfortable experience. Additionally, they can rotate around the patient, allowing for different imaging angles. Thus, a large c-arm is an excellent addition to any hospital or medical institution.

You can find large c-arm imaging equipment from various brands, including Genoray, OEC, Siemens, and Philips, on We also provide medical equipment repair and maintenance services to any medical professionals in need.

Our Extensive Selection of Products


Genoray is a company that makes and retails medical equipment, including X-ray machines and large c-arms. The company's products are used worldwide in hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare settings. We offer several models of their large c-arm equipment, including Oscar 15 FF and Zen-7000.


The OEC large c-arm is a medical imaging system that uses X-ray technology to diagnose and treat conditions and injuries affecting the bones and joints. Surgeons can visualize patients’ internal anatomy and make adjustments in real-time surgery. We carry the Elite CFD, Elite, 9900, 9800, and 9600.


In hospitals and other medical care settings, Phillips large c-arms are typically used to diagnose and treat bone and joint injuries. The Veradius, BV Pulsera, and BV Endura large c-arms from Phillips offer high-resolution detectors and sophisticated image processing capabilities, and you can find them on


Medical imaging equipment is one of the many items that Siemens, a worldwide corporation, makes. Their high-end, feature-rich large c-arm equipment is helpful in hospitals and clinics for various reasons. Cios Alpha, Arcadis Avantic, and Arcadis Orbic 3D large c-arms are some of their imaging systems.

Services We Provide

Overnight Delivery of Parts

If you need large c-arm parts overnight, we can deliver them to you. Through this, we reduce downtime and make sure you can diagnose and treat your patients as soon as possible. It’s instrumental in time-sensitive emergencies.

Services We Provide has qualified OEM-trained technicians situated strategically around the United States to provide the highest uptimes for your imaging equipment. We can support regulatory compliance, minimize unexpected downtime, reduce maintenance costs, and increase your assets' returns.

Inspections and Preventative Maintenance

When buying a large c-arm, we can inspect the unit to ensure it is in working condition. Before you purchase it, we'll check to ensure everything works well and is in good shape. We achieve this by testing each machine to ensure it satisfies the OEM's specifications.

In-Service and Training

We provide in-service and training following the purchase of a large c-arm. We like to ensure that all of our equipment is operating effectively. Our OEM-trained technician will be present to instruct your personnel on how to work a large c-arm correctly.

Medical Imaging Reliability of Large C-Arms

The large c-arms’ state-of-the-art design provides greater insight into the surgical theater. This makes it the ideal imaging tool for hospitals and clinics worldwide. In recent years, large c-arms have evolved and become more sophisticated.

You can get high-resolution imaging, multiple modes for different procedures, and advanced analysis and processing software with advanced c-arms. Larger c-arms also have more space for controls and displays, which can make them easier to use and navigate. In addition to its ease of use, a large c-arm has outstanding imaging technology and comprehensive service support.

Some procedures may be easier to perform with large c-arms because they can move more freely and reach more regions of the body. When in operation, they’re also more steady and less likely to wobble or shake, which might make it simpler to capture clear, high-quality images.

What a Large C-Arm Can Do for Your Practice

As technology advances, c-arms are becoming increasingly different in style and size. By getting a large c-arm, hospitals worldwide are keeping pace with a rapidly changing healthcare environment. Selecting a c-arm system that is consistent and efficient is crucial in surgical imaging.
Large c-arm systems have several applications, such as:
  • In orthopedic procedures such as fracture repair or joint replacement, large c-arms can be used to visualize bones and joints.
  • In procedures like angioplasty, stenting, and bypass surgery, large c-arms are used to observe the heart and blood vessels.
  • Minimally invasive treatments like biopsies or installing stents or other devices can be done using large c-arms to guide equipment.
  • These systems can reconstruct a 3D model of the inner parts using multiple views of the same part.
  • c-arms are used for pain management operations such as epidural injections or nerve blocks, in which painkillers are delivered directly into the affected parts of the body.
  • c-arms may be used in emergency care settings to diagnose and treat injuries more quickly and accurately.

Finding the ideal large c-arm to purchase might be challenging because of how much they have evolved. It can take time to decide which large c-arm is best for your practice and which won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

For doctors, hospitals, surgical centers, veterinarians, and healthcare providers, provides imaging equipment tailored to their needs. We are happy to discuss the many options we can provide if you still determine what will work best for your practice.

Process and Approach

For many years, has provided new and refurbished c-arms worldwide.

We offer fluoroscopic large c-arm systems throughout the United States for sale, lease, or rent. The major brands and models we have are Genoray, OEC, Philips, and Siemens c-arms.

Fluoroscopy c-arms come in handy in a variety of surgical specialties, such as:

As soon as you’ve experienced the benefits, we can find a contract that suits your needs and budget. Overnight shipping is available on all machines. We can deliver your new imaging tool within hours once you sign a contract.

You can count on us for repairs, maintenance, and services. We’ll help you resolve 85% of problems over the phone or via video, saving you time and money. We employ OEM-certified field engineers and technical support staff to provide the best customer service

Frequently Asked Questions

Both c-arms and o-arms are medical imaging devices. o-arms are specialist tools used in spinal surgery to create 3D spine pictures. In contrast, c-arms are portable devices that medical professionals use for minimally invasive treatments.

Orthopedic, urological, gastroenterological, pain management, emergency, cardiac surgeries, and therapeutic procedures like stent placements commonly use these machines.

Fluoroscopy is a technique that offers real-time x-ray imaging and is particularly helpful for directing different diagnostic and interventional treatments. Continuous fluoroscopy, pulsed fluoroscopy, and exposure are some imaging modalities available on c-arm devices.

The main aspects to think about when purchasing a c-arm machine are its x-ray generator, its tube type and collimator system, its dimensions, maneuverability, range of movements, field of view, compactness requirements, image processing, storage, and transfer abilities, radiation dosage, and the technology for detecting and capturing images.

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We are a privately-owned company specializing in large c-arms. Our services include buying, selling, and renting large c-arms, servicing, warranties, selling parts, selling sterile drapes, refurbishing, and performing preventative maintenance on all large c-arms.

We are regarded as a leader in the challenging market for refurbished and used radiography equipment because of our honesty, knowledge, and professionalism. Quality products and dependable service form the foundation of the work we undertake every day.

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Our expertise allows us to serve the United States and the rest of the world and assist you in selecting the ideal solution for your particular requirements.

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