Mini C-Arm Parts Category

Mini C-Arm Parts Category

Mini C-Arm Parts for Sale

C-arms are often critical tools for diagnosing a patient and establishing a treatment plan. However, when the equipment isn’t performing at its best, it might affect your imaging facility’s business and finances.

Time is essential when restoring a medical imaging device to operation after a malfunction or when it requires preventative maintenance. Losing an hour can slow down vital patient care, resulting in thousands of dollars in revenue loss for the healthcare organization.

To ensure that your mini c-arm equipment stays in working order, you must have reliable access to quality parts. Optimal imaging equipment operation will yield better diagnostic results and maximize your ROI. You’ll also protect your investment and achieve optimal results.

Do you need parts for a mini c-arm? You can maintain the functionality of your c-arm by purchasing replacement components from at fair prices. Our imaging professionals check, repair, and thoroughly test the parts at our facilities.

We offer a large assortment of high-caliber, thoroughly tested repair parts at
Having the right part, at the right price, on time so your equipment works properly is our guarantee to our customers.

An Extensive Range Of Products

Our product selection is backed by the expertise of our entire team. We carry replacement lasers, tube heads, monitors, power supplies, umbilical cables, imaging boards, computer assemblies, flex arms and much more. These parts support popular models like Hologic InSight 2, Hologic InSight FD, Orthoscan FD, and many many others.

In order to get you the correct part for your device, please ensure you have the make and model of your c-arm. Then browse our selection of over 200 parts to find what you need. Using a part number can make your search even quicker. Further, you can use our “request a part” form to inquire about availability of a part you don’t see in stock.


Popular parts we sell include:

Services We Offer

Field Service Reports

Once our service technicians finish repairs, every client gets an FSR that lists the work done and the parts utilized.

Overnight Delivery of Parts

We provide same-day shipping and a wide assortment of mini c-arm parts for your convenience.

Servicing and Repairs

We offer straightforward repair prices, same-day to 48-hour on-site service, video support, and all debugging and repair assistance.

Inspections and Preventative Maintenance

These operations are necessary for proper functioning. Our state-of-the-art testing tools ensure that your equipment is appropriately calibrated and meets or exceeds all specifications.

In-Service and Training

By offering training in-person or through a video call, we make sure that medical professionals utilizing our mini c-arm can give their patients the best possible treatment.

Why You Need Access to Mini C-Arm Parts

Undoubtedly, OEM parts are substantially more expensive than their new or refurbished counterparts. Refurbished equipment is often a better value than new equipment because it allows users to purchase higher quality components or equipment they wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford. Over the long run, buying a refurbished part will save your medical facility money.

In the event of a malfunction or failure of a mini c-arm, getting the right part on time helps minimize downtime and ensures a speedy repair. The availability of critical mini c-arm parts reduces the chances of unexpected equipment failures.

A malfunctioning mini c-arm can affect the care patients receive. With replacement components on hand, it may be possible to swiftly repair the mini c-arm and return it to proper operation, improving patient care.

Replacement parts also allow you to fix the mini c-arm in-house rather than depending on outside service providers, which can help you save money on maintenance.

Process and Approach

Our company sells parts for Orthoscan, OEC, and Hologic mini c-arms. Parts from can offer significant cost savings compared to a new mini c-arm part direct from the manufacturer.

With our extensive inventory of hundreds of parts, we can usually ship most units the next business day. The dedicated service line is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The customer support staff at our company can solve most problems over the phone or via video 85% of the time, saving you both money and time.

Our company believes that customer service is the cornerstone of any successful business, which is why our OEM-certified Field Service Engineers and technical support staff ensure our clients receive the best possible service.

We serve customers worldwide, primarily in medicine, research, and business. They include:

Frequently Asked Questions

An x-ray tube, image detector, c-arm, power supploes and computer are the most critical parts of a mini c-arm. X-ray tubes create x-ray beams that make images, while image detectors capture the beams and turn them into electronic images. The c-arm holds the x-ray tube and image detector in place, and the computer allows the operator to control the device and view the images.

It is important to know the make and model of your mini c-arm to find the parts you need. If you need assistance, you can consult the device’s manual or contact its manufacturer or a medical equipment supplier such as

You can buy mini c-arm parts from the manufacturer, a medical equipment supplier, or an online retailer. It’s essential to ensure you’re purchasing high-quality parts compatible with your device. In most cases, it is necessary to have the work done by a trained and qualified professional.

Issues with x-ray tubes, image detectors, c-arms, and power supplies are common with mini c-arms. Poor maintenance, wear and tear, or manufacturing issues can cause these problems. If you encounter any problems with your imaging equipment, you must resolve them as soon as possible.

The versatility of a c-arm allows it to produce real-time images, visualize non-reachable areas of the body, and guide procedures such as needle injections. In addition, you can use them to perform minimally invasive procedures, reducing infection risks and recovery times.

C-arm systems are generally safe as long as medical teams use them correctly. Typically, lead aprons protect sensitive areas of the body during c-arm imaging, which minimizes the risk of radiation exposure.

The cost of a c-arm system is highly dependent on its size and capabilities. There may be large c-arm systems that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and smaller models that are less expensive. Choosing a c-arm system requires careful consideration of the facility’s specific needs and budget.

Why Us? is a leader in the medical imaging industry. We are a privately held company based in New York, offering our services and products to clients across the country and on a global scale.

As part of the purchasing process, we can assist you with shipping, selling parts installation, training services, warrantying, and providing preventative maintenance. With our worldwide service network, we can provide you with a full range of services no matter where you are.

You can count on us for assistance in selecting the appropriate equipment at the right price and with all aspects of your project planning and implementation. Our commitment to quality is something we intend to keep!

With our combination of technology and field service engineers, we can provide service on-site within 48 hours. is a one-stop shop for all your c-arm needs.

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Would you be interested in acquiring a mini c-arm for your practice, healthcare facility, or hospital? If this is the case, you may be surprised to hear that refurbished and previously used mini c-arms are now available and considerably more affordable.

Why not consult a expert to discover if a refurbished c-arm is perfect for your practice? We have been supplying hospitals, clinics, and healthcare providers with refurbished and pre-owned medical imaging equipment. Call us today at (800) 643-2998 or email us at