Had the part we needed at a huge savings compared to wherever else we looked. The delivery was super fast and the communication with them is great. Look forward to working with them again if I ever need to replace a part.
Material Manager - IL
Chris and Josh did a great job for us with a mini c-arm. We saved taxes because we're out of state, and they gave us a great quote with great customer service. We had it shipped to CA and Chris himself delivered it to our office, installed it, and trained the doctor. All in all a very good experience, highly recommend.
Doctor - CA
Thanks again for helping us with our mini c-arm. It is working perfectly! We have a surgery center in CA and we have the Hologic InSight FD type of Mini c-arm. We have been doing cases with the mini c-arm and a message pops up randomly saying “An unrecoverable error has occurred forcing the disabling of x-rays. If the problem continues after restarting the system, please call Hologic Systems.” Hologic wanted us to replace the whole computer system but Mini C-Arm was able to repair the unit by replacing a power supply as a fraction of the cost.
Operations Manager - CA
I have a small, 1 doctor practice heavily relying on our Orthoscan mini-fluroscan. We see 40 patients a day. The unit we have stopped working a couple of months out of the warranty. When we called Orthoscan, they said it would be a $12,000 fix due to needing a new video card. After doing some internet research, I found Minicarm.com. I spoke with them briefly, and was reassured that the cost would be nowhere near $12,000. They sent a technician within a couple of days, and the unit was fixed at a fraction of the cost. I am very happy and I recommend Minicarm.com without hesitation.
Dr. - Virginia
We were in the process of doing injections in our office and needed a Mini C-Arm. We looked at many companies that are not only offering a good price point but also care for the client and be available when needed. I can truly say Chris and Josh fitted that role perfectly. They truly care for their business and made sure we are comfortable during the whole process. Chris even connected us with some clients who were doing similar business so we can bounce off ideas with them. They were attentive through the process and responded quickly for any documentation requirements for credentialing our Mini C-Arm. I would recommend them 100%.
Chris - Maryland
Being a small business, we could not afford the risk being ripped off. Joshua and the team at mini c-arm went above and beyond to make sure I was comfortable through the entire process. These are definitely guys you can trust!
Regenerative Medicine Clinic - North Carolina
We have used the Orthoscan MDI unit in our training room for years and it has become a key piece of equipment. We rented our unit from Minicarm.com for a number of years but decided recently to purchase it. Minicarm.com has provided great service and did an outstanding job of educating our staff on how to operated all aspects of the unit.
Tennessee Titans Athletic Training - National Football League
"We haven't purchased equipment from Chris, but he did repair equipment for us. Terrific person, knowledgeable, patient, hardworking, family man...I can go on and on. He's willing to travel to the equipment, wherever it is. Besides being good at his job and true to his word, he volunteers at a youth sports program. We're hoping to do more business in the future!"
Jimmy - Radiology Solutions
Chris & Joshua are great to work with highly recommend.
Equipped MD Inc.
To whom it may concern, I am extremely pleased with the repair services performed by Minicarm.com with our Orthoscan C-arms. Our physicians & clinical staff are astounded with the results of image quality & reliability through their skillful calibrations. In short, they solved all our imaging errors and displayed enabled our aging C-arm to run like brand new. They also took the time to explain the fine points of this C-arm repair and provided education on site. Natural professionalism, expert troubleshooting skills and empathy for our clinical staff & patients are what make Minicarm.com the ultimate resource for the Orthoscan C-arm. There are truly no substitutes for Mini's abilities in this profession.
Kaiser Permanente
After a less than ideal relationship with the service department of our manufacturer's c-arm I stumbled upon the services of Minicarm.com. I have requested several site visits for service over the last year and I'm continually impressed with their quick and professional service. Christopher Bacon provided expert diagnosis and repair of our c-arm and I will not hesitate to use Minicarm.com's services in the future.
Senior Clinical Engineering Specialist, Ohio
Really better than the OEM when comes to customer service. OEM made me wait over a week. Called them and showed up the next day. Great service and cheaper!
General Rating by a Hospital
The field service engineers here are extremely professional and intelligent. They called into the manufacturer (my company)and already knew the parts needed to repair the machine. This never happens!!!! For example: a technician calls in and after at least 30 minutes of me troubleshooting over the phone the issue can be narrowed down to a few components. Then an estimate is sent over to the technician. A few hours later I receive an email from a 3rd party purchasing company that has no information at all other than part numbers. This is the medical field, so I have to do leg work to find the serial number to get the estimate that was originally sent to the technician. No issues at all like that with CG after 5 minutes of them telling me what they needed I got a PO with needed information to process. These guys are awesome which are rear to come by... Everyone hire them to make my life easier!!!!!!! Sincerely
Product Support Engineer Major X ray manufacturer
Chris and his field engineers are by far the best I have ever worked with. Quality work,on time service, jobs done correctly the first time. He explains everything to his customers, making sure they completely understand what repairs are needed. Very professional and a pleasure to work with.
Independent Service Organization
Great service, easy to deal with, very knowledgeable since he is the technical founder of Orthoscan. Quick response time. Highly recommend!
Jim Miller
Gayla Hullinger - RSTI
Robert Slater - Unit Owner
Very good business experience. The team has a great expertise on their products. Hope we'll renew this experience.