Orthoscan TAU 2020

Orthoscan TAU 2020

Orthoscan TAU 2020 Mini C-Arm Announced

Orthoscan Inc. has add a new unit to their fleet called the “TAU 2020“. It is being premiered at the 2019 European Society of Radiology (ECR) Congress in Vienna, Austria and the 2019 American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS) Annual Meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Orthoscan TAU 2020 Main Features:

  • 160° Orbital Rotation
  • 27″ Touch Screen Monitor
  • 20 x 20cm Flat Detector
  • Up To* 84% Dose Reduction
  • Pediatric Indication

If you have any questions or interested in a Mini C-Arm, our team is happy to assist. Please reach out today at (800) 643 – 2998 or

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