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Orthoscan Mini C-Arm

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  • Orthoscan Mini C Arm Expertise: Specializing in the Orthoscan Mini C Arm, a leading medical imaging device that offers clear and precise imaging for enhanced patient care.
  • State-of-the-Art Technology: The Orthoscan Mini C Arm represents the forefront of medical imaging technology, ensuring accurate and efficient diagnosis and treatment planning.
  • Comprehensive Services: Beyond just sales, Minicarm.com provides a range of services including rentals, maintenance, and repairs, ensuring that medical professionals have a reliable partner for all their imaging needs.
  • Focus on Patient Outcomes: The primary goal of integrating Orthoscan Mini C Arm into medical practices is to improve patient outcomes, offering non-invasive assessments before and after surgical procedures.
  • Global Reach with Personalized Service: Minicarm.com serves a global market but maintains a commitment to personalized service, ensuring that every client gets the best solution tailored to their specific needs.

Every medical facility aims to enhance patient care and outcomes. Utilizing the Orthoscan Mini C Arm, a state-of-the-art medical imaging device, professionals can non-invasively assess the body’s anatomical structure through fluoroscopy before and after surgical procedures. This advanced diagnostic tool ensures precision and clarity in imaging.

Compact and lightweight, the Orthoscan Mini C Arm is perfectly suited for medical settings with spatial constraints. Its user-centric design ensures ease of mobility and positioning, making it a valuable asset for efficient patient care. In essence, integrating an Orthoscan imaging system not only conserves space but also guarantees superior quality X-ray imaging.

At Minicarm.com, we proudly feature an extensive range of Orthoscan Mini C Arm models, including the UC mini c-arm, HD mini c-arm, FD mini c-arm, FD-OR mini c-arm, FD Pulse mini c-arm, Mobile DI mini c-arm, TAU 1512 mini c-arm, TAU 1515 mini c-arm, and TAU 2020 mini c-arm. Each model is designed with specific features to cater to diverse medical imaging needs.

For those in the medical field seeking a top-tier, refurbished Orthoscan Mini C Arm, Minicarm.com is your go-to destination. We specialize in assisting medical imaging professionals with purchasing, selling, servicing, and maintaining their c-arm equipment.

Our Extensive Selection of Orthoscan Products

orthoscan uc mini c-arm

Orthoscan UC Mini C-Arm

Orthoscan UC is a fully digital, PACS-ready, 6"/4" mini c-arm with a resolution of 1k x 1k, featuring a fully integrated image intensifier. This machine is an excellent option for knee injections and in-office hand and podiatric procedures. Given that it is among the more affordable models, it makes a perfect beginner machine and offers excellent image quality.

Orthoscan HD Mini C-Arm 1000

Orthoscan HD Mini C-Arm

Orthoscan HD mini c-arms offer a fantastic vertical range together with height-adjustable monitors. The "Boost" feature on Orthoscan c-arms allows imaging of more extensive anatomy, like shoulders and knees. The interface is intuitive and easy to use, allowing users to perform essential imaging without much instruction.

Orthoscan FD Mini C-Arm

Orthoscan FD Mini C-Arm

The Orthoscan FD is Orthoscan's first mini c-arm detector with a flat detector. The flat detector's modest form factor provides the best placement in a surgical setting. The flat detector enhances image quality and improves diagnostic accuracy. With the user-driven design, optimum image quality is possible with minimal effort.

orthoscan fd-or mini c-arm

Orthoscan FD-OR Mini C-Arm

The Orthoscan FD-OR pioneered flat detector technology in extremities imaging. The flat detector allows the mini c-arm to be placed directly on the operating table, which increases operating room efficiency. Orthoscan FD-OR also offers high-resolution images that improve diagnostic accuracy.

Orthoscan FD Pulse Mini C-Arm

The Orthoscan FD Pulse is the only mini c-arm with pulsed fluoroscopy on the market. FD Pulse blends dosage reduction with cutting-edge picture quality. The square-shaped CMOS flat detector has the largest field of view, allowing the user to observe more anatomy. Because of its design and compact form, you can optimally position it in surgical environments.

Orthoscan Mobile Di Mini C-Arm MDI

Orthoscan MDI Mini C-Arm

Featuring a flat detector-based fluorescence system in a compact, very mobile design, the Orthoscan Mobile (MDI) mini c-arm is ideal for clinical applications. The Orthoscan Mobile DI has automated noise reduction, laser alignment, sterile field settings, a 2k x 1.5k detector resolution, and tabletop operation. Weighing 35 lbs, the Orthoscan MDI is a portable solution for clinics, hospitals, athletic teams, and emergency departments.

Orthoscan TAU 1512 Mini C-Arm

Orthoscan TAU 1512 is a compact c-arm with enhanced articulation and a powerful user interface. It has a lightweight frame and a 24-inch monitor with a live image area of 15 x 12cm. 1512 includes a three-way brake control, allowing you and your team to simply navigate this device through corridors.

Orthoscan TAU 1515 Mini C-Arm

Orthoscan's mini c-arm TAU 1515 delivers various innovative features for those who demand more. You can see anatomy entirely with a large detector and a live image. With pulsed fluoroscopy and other dose-saving features, you can reduce your dose without sacrificing image quality. The Orthoscan TAU 1515 opens up new possibilities for your institution and patients.

Orthoscan TAU 2020 Mini C-Arm

The Orthoscan Tau 2020 mini c-arm improves articulation and reduces radiation exposure by featuring a modern user interface and intelligent dose reduction. It is lightweight and easy to use with a bright 27" monitor with a 20 x 20cm live image. On the c-arm of the Tau 2020 there is a new pediatric filter.

Services You Can Trust

We provide a wide variety of services for its Orthoscan mini c-arms.

Overnight Delivery of Parts

We can ship Orthoscan mini c-arm parts overnight to your location. By doing so, we minimize off-time and ensure you can diagnose and treat your patients without delay. This service comes in handy, especially during time-sensitive situations or emergencies.

Preventative Maintenance and Inspections

Count on our expert OEM trained technicians to quickly repair and service your Orthoscan mini c-arms. Our team can also provide on-site and off-site maintenance, so your mini c-arm performs well.

In-Service and Training

As our team guides you through Orthoscan's advanced imaging, viewing, and archiving features, you will understand its full capabilities more deeply. We ensure our mini c-arm users can provide their patients with high-quality care through in-person or video-based training.

Orthoscan’s Leading Role in Medical Imaging

Orthoscan has only been in business since 2002, and it’s one of the world’s largest manufacturers of mini c-arms. It was formed on a single basic idea: to provide high-quality imaging equipment that fulfills the specific demands of its clients.

Since launching its UC mini c-arm on the market, the company has expanded its range of mini c-arms significantly, transforming the mini c-arm market and creating innovative products to keep the industry on its toes.

The Orthoscan mini c-arm can be used for various surgical procedures such as orthopedics, foot, hand & joint injections. You can always rely on our Orthoscan imaging systems at Minicarm.com. They deliver outstanding clinical outcomes, enabling doctors to provide low dose images to their patients.

How an Orthoscan Mini C-Arm Can Enhance Your Medical Practice

Orthoscan mini c-arm’s flexibility and adaptability make it a good choice for facilities with evolving imaging needs. You can enhance your practice in several ways with the Orthoscan mini c-arm.

Medical professionals can develop more effective treatment plans and make more accurate diagnoses using the mini c-arm’s high-quality images. This, in turn, contributes to better patient care and treatment.

The Orthoscan mini c-arm can be moved easily between rooms making it a portable and user-friendly device. This can assist in cutting wait times and increase the practice’s overall efficiency.

The images produced by the Orthoscan mini c-arm are highly detailed, allowing clinicians to easily spot minor fractures, dislocations, and other ailments. Orthoscan mini c-arms are versatile devices used in various settings, including hospitals, clinics, and outpatient centers. The Orthoscan mini c-arm is a vital instrument in medical practice that may improve patient care, boost efficiency, increase revenue and improve the accuracy of diagnosis and treatment regimens.

Process and Approach

Orthoscan mini c-arms are available for purchase, rental, or lease. With such a powerful imaging tool, you can improve the efficiency of your surgery, so we suggest you get one from Minicarm.com.

We can find a unit that meets your demands and budget once you’ve experienced the benefits firsthand. All of our rental machines are available for overnight shipping.

We also handle repairs, maintenance, and services for your peace of mind and superior service. The dedicated service line is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our OEM-certified Field Service Engineers and technical support staff provide the highest level of client service. We can resolve 85% of problems over the phone or through video, saving you money and time.

Combining all these features and Minicarm.com’s makes us the most competitive company in the industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Orthoscan mini c-arm often creates high-resolution images of the body for orthopedic, foot, hand, joint injections and other surgical procedures. Injuries such as fractures and dislocations can be diagnosed and treated using this unit.

A focused, tiny X-ray beam is produced by the tube head, travels through the body, and is picked up by a detector or image intensifier on the opposite side. The equipment then converts the X-rays into a digital image subsequently presented on a screen.

Orthoscan mini c-arms provide various benefits, such as better patient care, higher image quality, better accuracy, and increased convenience. Physicians can help diagnose and treat patients more accurately using high-quality images from this mini c-arm.

Maintaining the mini c-arm is crucial to ensure it is in good working order and produces high-quality images. The routine maintenance checks include cleaning, checking for wear, and replacing worn or damaged parts, as well as more in-depth maintenance checks.

It’s crucial to adhere to the manufacturer’s suggested maintenance schedule and hire qualified experts for maintenance jobs.

Unlike full-size c-arms, Orthoscan mini c-arms are smaller and more portable.

The Orthoscan mini c-arm is a convenient alternative when limited space or a full-sized c-arm is unnecessary. In addition, they typically cost less and are easier to maintain.

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We offer a wide range of services for all mini c-arms, including purchasing, renting, leasing, servicing, selling parts, refurbishing/remanufacturing, warrantying, and providing preventative maintenance.

With our combination of technology and trained field service engineers, we can provide same-day to 48-hour service on-site. Mini c-arm owners can receive the best customer service with Minicarm.com, a one-stop shop for all their needs.

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