Mini C-Arm Refurbishment/Re-Manufacture Process

Mini C-Arm Refurbishment/Re-Manufacture Process

At our team takes pride in our refurbishment process. After our team is finished refurbishing a unit, it will meet or exceed any OEM specifications for image quality, cosmetic appearance, and overall performance. Our customers are always welcome to our warehouse to see our Mini C-Arm refurbishing process in person. Below are some before and after photos of Orthoscan parts after being refurbished.

Below is our simplified refurbishing process:

  1. We receive the Mini C-Arm at our loading dock.
  2. The unit is then sanitized and cleaned inside and out to clear it of any bio-hazardous materials to ensure it is safe for our refurb team/end user to handle.
  3. The unit will be HIPPA complaint with no patient information on the unit (a lot of dealers do not check for this).
  4. The unit is then tested to make sure it meets OEM specs. All issues will be addressed either immediately or documented for repair during the re-manufacturing process depending on practicality.
  5. Next, our team strips down the Mini C-Arm piece by piece completely down to the casters so we can inspect every part by hand to make sure there is no defects or broken parts.
  6. Any hospital labels, adhesive or 3rd party marks will be removed.
  7. All parts are then brought to our sanding area to be completely sanded  down to the base to remove all scratches and blemishes.
  8. Parts are brought to our paint booth to be painted to OEM colors or to the color our customer would like (custom colors available.)
  9. Painted parts are set to cure for 24 hours to allow the paint to set.
  10. The Mini C-Arm is then reassembled with the freshly painted parts.
  11. Any parts that did not meet OEM specs will be replaced as the unit is reassembled, along with all parts to make your Mini C-Arm “new”  including new cables, power supplies, flex arm and other parts only our team knows to replace to increase the life of your Mini C-Arm.
  12. The Mini C-Arm is then thoroughly calibrated, rigorously tested and burned in for 48 hours to ensure it exceeds all OEM specifications.

Once our refurbishing process is complete, the unit is wrapped in bubble wrap and plastic wrap, then placed on a pallet for shipment. Our Mini C-Arms are sold as a turn-key solution, we will deliver the Mini C-Arm to your location, install it at your facility, and fill-out the necessary FDA 2579 paperwork. Our refurbished Mini C-Arm’s come with a one-year warranty because our customers are important to us and we want to ensure our products are operating at its full ability for a long time.

Each unit comes with a refurbished report to show the specific parts replaced and tests completed on each unit, so please ask us to see one on the unit you’re interested in.

If you’re interested in our refurbished Mini C-Arms or you’re a dealer who is interested in our team refurbishing a unit for you, please reach out today at: (800) 643-2998 or

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