Orthoscan Announces End of Life for Certain Orthoscan FD, FD-OR, Mobile DI, and FD Pulse Mini C-Arms

Orthoscan Announces End of Life for Certain Orthoscan FD, FD-OR, Mobile DI, and FD Pulse Mini C-Arms

Orthoscan announced the End of Life (EOL) plan for its Orthoscan FD, FD-OR, Mobile DI (MDI), and FD Pulse Mini C-Arms. The following Mini C-Arms are scheduled to reach their EOL on the specified dates below. The EOL designation signifies that these machines have served their purpose diligently, yet due to various reasons, such as the discontinuation of component technology or the lack of ongoing support from raw material suppliers, their life cycle is coming to a close.



Serial Numbers

EOL Date

Orthoscan FD


5F0101 to 5F0638


Orthoscan FD-OR


5H0101 to 5H0454


Orthoscan Mobile DI


5G0101 to 5G0693


Orthoscan FD Pulse


5J0101 to 5J0753


Despite the End of Life (EOL) status of Orthoscan FD, FD-OR, Mobile DI, and FD Pulse Mini C-Arms, remains steadfast in its commitment to support these machines. With a vast inventory of parts and machines, coupled with extensive experience in the industry, stands as a reliable partner for all service, sales, and parts requirements. Our unwavering dedication ensures that customers can still rely on us to keep their Mini C-Arms operating at peak performance, extending their useful life and maximizing their value. At, we believe in providing unparalleled support, even for products with an EOL designation, ensuring that our customers’ needs are met with the utmost care and professionalism.

No need to worry, we have service techs across the country and an abundance of parts in stock ready to service your units. You can check out our Mini C-Arm Parts page here.

If you’re looking for a Orthoscan Mini C-Arm or looking for a repair/service, please reach out today to see how our team can help you: or (800) 643-2998

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