Mini C-Arm Costs & Pricing Guide – 2018

Due to its many advantages over the Large C-Arm in extremity imaging, the Mini C-Arm has many potential uses.

The Mini C-Arm has a small footprint but is powerful enough to handle any extremity imaging. The ability for one person to move the machine quickly from room to room results in increased production. Further, Mini C-Arms do not require a rad tech to be present, making it a less expensive way to image.

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Current inventory of some of the Mini C-Arms we keep in stock.

There are a plethora of Mini C-Arms on the market from leading manufacturers such as GE-OEC, Hologic and Orthoscan. Not all facilities want or can afford cutting-edge new equipment, the used market is a great option to pursue. Some units we offer are the Hologic InSight 2, InSight FD, Orthoscan MDI, Orthoscan UC & Orthoscan HD. Listed below are the current average Mini C-Arm prices for 2018.

mini c arm cost and prices will guide you through the myriad of choices from price, manufacturer, model, age, Image Intensifier or Flat Detector, and warranty. We will be there after the sale to assist in preventative maintenance schedules and radiation safety. We offer all equipment with a one year warranty with the option to purchase an extended warranty for the life of the equipment.

If you’re interested in a used Mini C-Arm please call us at: (800) 643-2998 or Request a Quote. offers financing for all individuals. If you’re interested in financing your unit, please visit Mini C-Arm Financing. Orthoscan MDIHologic Insight IOrthoscan HDOEC 6600Orthoscan UC

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