Hologic InSight 2 End-of-Life Notice

Hologic InSight 2 End-of-Life Notice

Did you receive an End-of-Life letter on your Hologic InSight 2? Hologic, Inc. has officially placed an EOL notice for all Hologic InSight 2’s. They’re moving forward with their InSight FD, a flat detector unit which incorporates a rotating detector.

Hologic, Inc. stated that “Microsoft has announced they will end support for Windows 7 operating systems as of January 14, 2020 and after careful consideration, it is necessary to announce End-of-Life for the InSight 2 systems installed in 2012 or earlier effective January 1, 2020 in the United States. It is the policy of Hologic to provide service and service parts (if available) for 7 years from the date of purchase.

You can view the End-of-Life notice here.

No need to worry, we have techs across the country and an abundance of parts in stock ready to service your units. You can check out our Mini C-Arm Parts page here.

If you’re looking for a InSight 2 or looking for a repair/service, please reach out today to see how our team can help you: or (800) 643-2998

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